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Entreprise de Transformation Céréalière (ETC)

Project Description: Innovation and Scaling up of grain processing enterprise for making healthy and nutritious foods for markets in West Africa (Niger, Burkina Faso and Nigeria) and contributing to increased smallholder farmer incomes in Niger    

Grantee Name and Country: Entreprise de Transformation Céréalière (ETC), Niger

Project Name:  Cereals Processing

Grant Amount: £116,698

Project Start Date: 1st January 2016

Project Duration: Three years and six months

Value Chain:Millet, Sorghum, and Cowpea

Trading Corridor:Burkina Faso-Niger-Nigeria

About ETC

Entreprise de Transformation Céréalière (ETC) is a cereals and legumes processing enterprise based in Niamey, Niger. The company processes locally produced millet, sorghum, and cowpea into couscous, dégue, flours, semolina, and cookies products.

Summary of Grantee Project     

ETC has been involved in the processing of millet, sorghum, cowpea and maize, but growth and profitability have been constrained by use of obsolete equipment and lack of working capital. The West Africa Food Markets Project is providing matching funding to revamp ETCs operations and make it a market leader in the food industry. Specifically, West Africa Food Markets Programme’s funding is helping ETC to:

  • Purchase modern equipment required to increase processing and marketing of millet, sorghum, and cowpea foods.
  • Have adequate working capital to purchase quality sorghum, millet and cowpea grains from local smallholder famers to feed the processing plant.
  • Package, store and distribute high quality processed sorghum, millet, and cowpea based foods for sale in Niger, Nigeria and Burkina Faso