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WAFM facilitates Peer Learning and Cross-Border Trade Among Grantees

From Left to Right: Siako Sanon, Director General of Agroserv, Mr. Sunil Dahiya, Technical Porfolio Manager and Eric Kissi, MD of Kedan Ltd.

WAFM facilitated a peer learning event for Eric Kissi, CEO of Kedan Limited with factory operations based in Tumu, Sissala East District of the Upper West Region of Ghana,  at AgroServ Industrie in Ouagadougou Burkina Faso. Eric, whose company has recently installed a maize processing equipment co-funded by Kedan Limited and WAFM undertook this learning trip to AgroServ-which has more experience and an advanced maize processing plant to learn from best practice. The learning visit was from 28th February to 6th March 2018.

Kedan Limited and AgroServ Industrie are both grantees of WAFM’s Challenge Fund-that provides matching grant to incentivize agribusinesses to launch pro-poor innovative projects to increase staple food production, value-addition, marketing and enhance cross-border trade.

Eric stated “… the trip was a timely one looking at the impact it has had in my further appreciation and understanding of the maize milling business” adding “having studied AgroServ’s operations and I will be able to come out with what will be suitable for Kedan to adopt going forward.”

The objective of the learning event for Kedan was to learn how AgroServ efficiently operates its maize milling factory from raw material acquisition, production, quality control, technical/engineering to final products as well as the safety and quality protocols to put in place to eliminate production errors and inefficiencies.

AgroServ Industrie was established in 2013 as an industrial company that processes maize for local consumption in Burkina-Faso and exports to the West African subregion. AgroServ’s factory has an output of 10,300 tonnes per annum.

Kedan at Agroserve 4

Time with the Quality Control Manager of Agroserve-From left: MD of Kedan, Interpreter and Agroserve Quality Control Manager

Kedan which was established in 2014, started principally as an agricultural production, commodity aggregation and trading business. With time the company has ventured into processing and therefore required more hands-on experience in the maize processing business. Kedan’s newly installed maize flour processing factory has a notional output of 6,000 tonnes per annum.

Eric visited both the operational and administrative departments of AgroServ to get a full cycle view of the business and its processes. “I understood the standard operation principles and protocols as well as key departments needed to run a maize milling factory business efficiently” stated Eric; who also said he learned about the importance of having a pre-cleaning section in the factory set up as well as the need to have a silo.

Another major benefit of the learning event was that Kedan and AgroServ have struck an agreement on raw maize trade. The agreement, which is yet to be finalized, could see Kedan Limited supply AgroServ with about 5000 metric tonnes of raw maize.