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WAFM to support Niger develop Standards for Maize, Sorghum and Millet

ASE AND FOODWAFM Team Leader and the Policy Facility Manager in April 2018, held meetings with Niger’s  Standards Committee   to elaborate standards on the Maize, Sorghum and Millet. This initiative was identified  by WAFM Policy Facility as catalyst  to boost cross border food trade for WAFM grantees in Niger namely Entreprise de Transformation des Cereales (ETC) and Fédération des coopératives maraîchères du Niger (FCMN).  The meeting between the two parties was to set the modalities and timeframe of the elaboration of standards on the selected staple food within WAFM value chain.

WAFM and the Standards Committee agreed that work will start as soon as possible pending final approval of WAFM’s Project Steering Committee as part of the Grantees Supplementary Support Facility (GSSF), which is among other things to support practical interventions that could lead to short-term administrative and regularity changes in trade policies, regulatory frameworks, reforms in border transactions, improved Cross Border Trade  and creation of staple food standards.