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WAFM facilitated learning tour spurs knowledge and technology transfer

Amya Agro learns from Psaltry International in Nigeria

Amya Agro visits Psaltry 2

Mrs. Bationo (2nd  from left) with some staff and farmers of Psaltry

In May 2018, it was the turn of the Managing Director of Amya Agro Plus from Ghana to undertake a learning tour of farms and facilities of Psaltry International in Nigeria, facilitated by the Ukaid-funded West African Food Markets Programme (WAFM).

In April 2018, WAFM had facilitated the study tour of Psaltry’s CEO and Chief Farmer to Wenchi in Ghana to learn about the agronomic practices being implemented by Amya Agro Plus, and the effect of organic and inorganic fertilizer application on the yield of cassava. The trip also afforded Psaltry the opportunity to learn about systems for proper monitoring and supervision of cassava farms from planting through harvesting which it plans to implement on its farm estate in Ogun State.

Psaltry International, located in Ogun State, Nigeria produces 15,000 metric tonnes of High Quality Cassava Starch, 6000 metric tonnes of High Quality Cassava Flour and 3,500 metric tonnes of Gari per year. Psaltry has recently invested in production of pro-vitamin-A fortified gari using semi-mechanized technology. Psaltry also works with 1,750 smallholder cassava farmers and has engaged additional 2,000 new farmers.

Amya Agro is expanding processing capacity with two additional units, supported by WAFM, which will require the company to increase raw material (cassava fresh tubers) supply. When the processing units are installed, the company will process High Quality Cassava Flour working with over 2000 smallholder farmers as outgrowers who will supply cassava tubers.

Amya Agro visits Psaltry

Mrs. Bationo (middle) interviewing farmers at Psaltry Farm Estate in Nigeria

During the tour, Amya Agro learned about Psaltry’s well-established outgrower scheme which Amya would like to adopt to boost its raw material supply. Psaltry has outgrowers with different land sizes-some having a few acres and others thousands of acres. The visit to Psaltry’s farm was conducted by Psaltry’s Extension and Field Officers and Chiefs and Leaders of the farming communities that Psaltry operates in.

“Amya Agro Plus has benefited from this trip as we have learned how to improve our access to raw material and I wish to express our appreciation to WAFM for facilitating this learning trip.” said Mrs. Marie Bationo, Managing Director of Amy Agro Plus. She added that “Amya Agro Plus will apply what we’ve learned to significantly increase our production and processing capacity.”

A tour of Psaltry’s factory was also insightful for Amya Agro. Mechanized peeling of cassava, the hydraulic press, the gari roasting system and gari sieving equipment gave Amya Agro the opportunity to learn firsthand how mechanized processing can improve productivity and output.