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Seven upcoming WAFM-funded factories to boost fortified cereals production in West Africa

AgroServ Factory

Flashback: Launch of WAFM supported Agriserv maize processing factory in Burkina Faso in January 2018.

In the coming months, before the end of 2018, four of WAFM’s supported agribusinesses will launch their staple foods processing factories. These factories with a total of over 18000 metric tonnes processing capacity will not only boost food production in terms of the number of farmers who will produce raw materials to feed the factory, but will also boost fortified cereals production and consumption in West Africa. The companies to launch the factories are: Premium Foods and Amya Agro in Ghana; and FAGRI and ADS Burkina in Burkina Faso.

Premium Foods will launch four mini-cassava processing factories with a capacity of 4500 metric tonnes in four communities in Ghana. The mini-processing factories will process cassava aggregated in the communities and subsequently final processing will done at Premium Food’s factory in Kumasi in Ghana.

Amya Agro, a gari processor, with WAFM’s co-investment will launch a new processing line-400 metric tonnes- double its current process facility for High Quality Cassava Flour (HQCF) which has become a highly sought after replacement for wheat flour due to high nutritional content.

FAGRI, a company based in Burkina Faso will also launch its 11,250 metric tonnes maize processing factory in Burkina Faso. ADS, originally a seed producer, with the support of WAFM has taken a further step in the agricultural value chain by  becoming a maize processor. This allows ADS not only to sell its seeds and other farming inputs to farmers, but it can now purchase their produce, process and market them, providing better returns to the farmers.