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Policy FacilityThe Policy Facility is a mechanism for facilitating the development of collaborative partnerships to improve the enabling environment for staple food trade. The facility strategically targets policy, regulatory and market constraints that are having a detrimental effect on regional trade of staplefoods, and specifically on the performance of businesses funded under the Challenge Fund. These constraints are identified through a number of channels and are selected based on a reasonable chance for WAFM to facilitate change.

WAFM’s Policy Facility focuses on interventions that can realistically be achieved during the programme life span, can generate incremental changes that can have a positive impact, and are likely to gain support and buy-in from key stakeholders. This is determined from the results of Political Economic Analysis (PEA) and Stakeholder Interest Mapping (SIM). Where possible, the PF will bring together national and regional alliances with alternative actors from the public and private sectors to maximise policy-influencing capabilities.

The Policy Facility is open to governments, non-government organisations, research institutes, advocacy groups, private sector and civil society organisations.

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